The Importance of Eliminating Redundancies In Your Organization

The importance of eliminating redundancies in your organization

A redundancy is defined by “the inclusion of extra components which are not strictly necessary to functioning”. From an entrepreneurial perspective, you don’t want unnecessary components in your business, as they cost time and money.

Redundancies within a business can often look like tasks and steps involved that may make staff and clients feel that unnecessary and repetitive measures are being taken in order to achieve a task or common goal. Frankly, redundancies are tedious, and annoying for both the client, staff, and managers, and take quality, energy, and efficiency out of the task at hand.

As your business develops you may find that a step in your business’ process that used to be useful, no longer serves a purpose. Say, for instance, a staff position requires collecting a database of past, present, and potential clients, but there is a software that is developing that for you. There is a redundancy, and the employee manually collecting and inputting that data may either no longer need to do that task, or simply need to review what has been collected. As opposed to termination, it could be an opportunity for that employee to be trained in another aspect of the business in order to redirect their energy toward other needs within the company.

Questions to Help you Eliminate Redundancies In Your Organization

In order to think about redundancies objectively, write down the detailed steps involved in what your business does in order to complete a task successfully, then consider these questions:

  • Are there unnecessary steps in our process that can be eliminated?
  • Are there unnecessary forms of communication that can be handled more effectively?
  • Is the energy that is being put into the work not useful and can it be re-allocated?
  • Are some tasks overdo due to lack of communication?
  • Are there staff positions that are no longer needed, due to automation or changes within the organization?

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