How Process Automation Cut Costs & Boost Marketing Process Efficiency

How Process Automation Helps You Cut Costs & Boost Marketing Efficiency

Are redundant tasks creating inefficiencies in your marketing operations? Here are five ways in which business process automation can cut costs and improve the efficiency of your marketing processes.

Amanda, a business coach and brand strategist, had created a beautiful brand for her business. The business helped budding women entrepreneurs attract their first stream of clients. 

While everything looked fine, there was one problem. Amanda's email marketing process was stuck, and she could not find a way out.

Amanda was struggling to implement an effective email marketing and CRM process that supported her marketing and sales strategy. After Digging a little deeper into the problem, she realized there were gaps throughout her entire customer journey that needed to be fix.

Enter automation.

By analyzing the current email marketing process, we helped Amanda implement a seamless process automation strategy that fixed the gaps in her customer journey. By automating tasks and activities wherever needed, we helped Amanda optimize her email and CRM process to work more effectively and efficiently. 

Finally, Amanda started seeing positive results from her email campaigns and could breathe a sigh of relief. You can see how relieved she was right here!

Amanda's timely implementation of process automation not only helped her improve the efficiency of her email marketing process but also saved the costs of hiring an email expert or tool.

Business process automation uses technology to automate complex and redundant business processes and workflows. The positive impact on business operations and delivery speed has led to an upward trend in the adoption of business process automation among modern businesses. 

When used effectively, process automation helps you drive more leads and revenue, nurture your prospects, and operate more efficiently without the increased cost of hiring more employees in your marketing team.

Implementing process automation is cited as a tricky and time-consuming exercise. But with the right mindset and complete understanding of the relationship between strategy, processes, systems, and people, process automation can prove to become your ultimate marketing sidekick!

5 Ways Process Automation Helps You Cut Costs and Improves Marketing Efficiency

There are immense advantages to implementing process automation to streamline your marketing operations. An important advantage is of seeing immediate ROI through the number of engagements and marketing qualified leads. Here are five ways in which process automation helps you cut down on your costs and improve your marketing operational efficiency:

Promotes Effective Use of Employee Time

Marketing is a business function that thrives on creativity, and your marketing team drives this function. But what good is a fully functional marketing team if they spend their valuable time on sending follow-up emails and segmenting databases instead of focusing on creative campaign ideas? 

There are many redundant yet critical tasks in your marketing processes that take up most of your employees' time. This time can be put to much better use if you invest in automating your marketing processes. 

Here are a few use cases of tasks in marketing processes that you can consider automating:
  • email autoresponders to clients and prospects
  • data entry and segmentation
  • drip email campaigns
  • automated nurture campaigns
  • prioritizing your database
  • personalization in your campaigns
  • tracking user activities on your marketing assets such as website and emails
  • creating dashboards and reports for analysis and planning

When these tedious tasks are automated, your marketing team can focus on more intellectual and creative tasks. They can spend their time brainstorming creative campaign ideas, building innovative campaign prototypes, analyzing campaign data to plan for future marketing initiatives, and living more satisfied and peaceful lives!

Hence, process automation encourages the effective use of your employees' time, promoting a happier and healthier work environment. 

Accelerates Marketing Operations

The scope of marketing operations differs from business to business, but the core activities remain the same. Marketing operations include processes and tasks such as marketing campaign execution and management, data management, lead management, pipeline management, tracking and reporting data, etc.

While these are extensive tasks and cannot be completely automated, there are parts of these processes that perform better when automated efficiently.

Automation helps you not only get your hands off redundant tasks but also speeds up the process of marketing operations.

For example, data entry, segmentation, and management are marketing processes that form the basis for your marketing campaigns. When you automate the processes of segmenting your database on certain criteria, the work gets done faster and yields better results. You also save manual time and effort. And because the segmentation process is accelerated, your campaign process speeds up and can be executed sooner than you had planned. 

In this modern and competitive global business environment, it is important to keep up to speed with your competitors when it comes to marketing. Process automation works as the perfect catalyst in accelerating your marketing operations. 

Eliminates Human Errors

As business leaders, we have all been in a position where a tiny human error in the marketing process has wreaked havoc. If you haven't faced such an incident, you are lucky!

Human errors are inevitable. There will always be a spelling mistake that caught someone's eye or a missed punctuation that changed the meaning of the sentence. Imagine your marketing team forgets to respond to a customer inquiry from the website - this could result in a loss of a potential client!

Although these are small errors, they can sometimes cause a lot more damage than one can imagine. Hence, the best way to avoid such damage is to try and eliminate these errors - and automation can help you do just that!

Process automation replaces manual intervention by automating redundant manual tasks. When there is minimal human interference, it not only minimizes the chances of human errors, it also lowers the amount of process variations. This helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing operations. 

Boosts Revenue

Marketing is a revenue-generating engine in a business. When marketing operations function smoothly and effectively, you can see visible ROI on your marketing investments.

Process automation helps you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing processes in the following ways:

  • automate tedious marketing tasks
  • save manual time and effort
  • eliminate human errors
  • ensure efficient utilization of employees time
  • increase conversions from marketing assets
  • enhance customer experience
  • offers more predictable outcomes

All these factors directly impact the revenue of your organization, making process automation an important investment in marketing processes and operations.

Captures Accurate Data For Analytics

Data-driven marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient approaches when it comes to marketing planning and strategy. Process automation in marketing helps you not only automate your redundant marketing tasks and free up the time of your employees but also captures important and accurate data that helps you drive efficient marketing campaigns.

For example, when you automate your email workflows based on triggers, your process automation framework also captures important data from the campaign that can be used for future planning. Open rates, click rates, and time spent on the page are important metrics to analyze when it comes to planning marketing content and campaigns.

Summing It Up

Losing revenue from a lack of following-up with leads, and spending valuable employee time on redundant tasks creates inefficiencies within your marketing organization. This not only creates a stressful work environment but also makes the company look bad when these challenges funnel down to your customers. Leverage the power of process automation to create a peaceful work environment and build a profitable marketing function. 

Start today by discovering the marketing processes that can be automated - talk to the expert!

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